I launched this website in 2016 with the intention of educating home cooks about equipment and techniques used in professional kitchen environments.  As a professional cook, I learned many things about the kitchen that can easily be applied at home, but rarely are.

This site’s intention is to educate the home cook from the perspective of someone who spends every day in the kitchen, and to introduce concepts, techniques, and ideas that otherwise home cooks wouldn’t have access to. I hope to teach cooks important techniques rather than provide thousands of recipes. I believe that if you understand and know cooking methods and techniques you will be able to apply them to any home cooking you do.

I’ve worked in various types of kitchens, including fine-dining, bistro and pub-type settings, but regardless of dining-room decor and menu prices, all professional kitchens use similar equipment and techniques to feed their guests. This knowledge is essential to the “restaurant experience” and can be applied at home whether your goal is to make a week’s worth of lunch for your family or entertain guests at your next dinner party.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to simply introduce yourself, you can contact me here.

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